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Airland Denmark Awarded AEO Certification

Date Published: 6/09/2016

Airland’s Denmark operations have been awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification to AEOF status for Customs Simplifications/Security and Safety.

This significant achievement is demonstrative of our continuous pursuit to streamline customs outcomes for our customers.

The AEOF quality mark is recognised in all European Union (EU) member states and acknowledges Airland’s performance against the World Customs Organisation’s criteria for legislative compliance, record keeping, solvency and practical standards of competence. More information on AEO certification can be viewed here.

“This prestigious accreditation will result in a number of benefits for our customers throughout Europe,” commented Claus Moestrup, Airland’s Group Director. “In particular, they will enjoy simplified customs procedures for faster and more efficient export and import processes. These include fast tracked consignments, reduced documentary checks, and mutual recognition for cargos travelling outside of the EU.”

Airland’s ability to support complex global logistics movements is in-part dependent on an efficient global customs network and a strong legislative framework such as the Union Customs Code (UCC). Compliance with internationally recognisable certifications and accreditations are critical to the future integrity of the entire logistics chain.

“Airland has an important role to play in the security of the international supply chain, we see this certification not only as important to our clients, but also for the wider good of our industry. We are very proud to be able to include AEO certification among our accreditations,” Moestrup concluded.

To learn more about Airland’s core values of honesty, integrity and transparency view our Anti-bribery and Corruption Policy.