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Size Matters With Drilling Deadlines Looming

Date Published: 27/10/2014

In early September Airland partnered with Condor Energy to meet a tight exploration deadline - moving 16 pieces of custom exploration equipment across two continents within 14 days. 

Condor Energy, a technical engineering and hydraulic fracturing partner to the Australian oil and gas industry, engaged Airland Logistics based on their proven track record to support the movement of 95 tonnes of critical exploration equipment from Stansted in the United Kingdom to South Australia.

As Condor's first major resources project in Australia, Airland left no margin for error within the 14 day turnaround, realising the significance of enabling Condor to meet the commitments made in their client contract.

In order to meet the exploration deadline and cater for the unique 95 tonne load, including one piece weighing more than 38 tonnes, Airland commissioned an Antonov 124, making history as the first commercially chartered Antonov to be received by Adelaide Airport.

With some of the equipment still in production in the United Kingdom, Airland deployed a dedicated team of load masters to Condor's supply premises in the UK to conduct an equipment audit and prescribe a packing and breakdown strategy. 

"The strategy was designed to consider manufacture completion, airfreight, and final road transportation to allow Condor sufficient time to assemble and test the equipment prior to taking it out into the South Australian gas fields of the Cooper Pedy Basin," commented Tony Berson, Airland's Director in Asia Pacific.

"Our personal approach and assignment of a dedicated team who oversee the entire process is standard procedure at Airland. This is how we have established a reputation as a trusted logistics partner in the handling of complex deliveries and supply chain management for oil and gas companies in all stages of upstream and downstream operations," concluded Berson.

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