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Delivering cost savings and efficiencies in the automotive sector.

From the plant, to the container, to the vehicle distribution centre – Airland has a trusted reputation in the global movement of vehicles and vehicle parts to meet demand and improve supply chain flow.

Our goal is to improve your operational competitiveness. From creating efficiencies in component sourcing through to the identification of cost effective supply chain alternatives, we work closely with you to minimise your automotive logistics expenditure.

Contact your local Airland representative to learn more about how we can support the movement of your global automotive cargo.

Strategic consolidation points improve operational competitiveness

Our long-term relationships within the automotive sector are founded on our ability to improve transit times and reduce costs by creating transport efficiencies. Through the introduction of strategic consolidation points, we experience great success in improving visibility and control of material flow, while optimising utilisation across distribution networks to achieve full container loads. 

No matter where you’re located, our global reach and local flexibility enables us to deliver innovative and cost effective logistics solutions via our strategic network of global offices, hubs and partners.

Specialist vehicle movements to achieve your operational goals

Our dedicated and dynamic staff work efficiently and safely to achieve the impossible daily. No matter the location, deadline or environment, Airland can quickly assemble a dedicated on-site project team to deliver a bespoke supply chain solution.

We can coordinate multimodal transport solutions to achieve the unthinkable, expedite customs clearance and leverage strategic networks to meet your operational targets.

From the movement of soft skin and armoured vehicles for large NGO’s, private mining, defence and general customers throughout Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South America and the CIS countries, Airland has the credentials to deliver beyond your expectations.

Read our case studies to learn more about how we can support your global operations.