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Factory move keeps production on schedule

Industry Vertical: Industrial & Manufacturing
Mode of Transportation: Ocean Freight
Load: Plastic Drainage Cells Machinery
Location: Jebel Ali to United Kingdom
Date: 2012

The client

A leading Middle Eastern manufacturer specialising in the production of drainage cells from recycled granular plastic.

The challenge

We were tasked with dismantling, packing, loading, shipping and delivering six industrial production machines across two continents within 72 hours. Weighing 23 tonnes per machine, a custom packing solution was required to protect the expensive equipment from ocean elements, while keeping movement costs to a minimum.

Delivering solutions

Airland quickly mobilised a dedicated team from our Middle Eastern office to undertake a detailed review of the dismantling procedures and inspect the unique machinery requirements before delivering the following solution:

  • A detailed survey of machinery and equipment identified the need to separate and pack each load into containers with a maximum load of 23 tonnes each.
  • Immediate commissioning of a vessel charter capable of meeting the 72 hour deadline.
  • A team of 12 were mobilised immediately on site to dismantle and remove the machinery from the factory floor.
  • Due to the weight and size of the machines, customised high-weight, low-profile skate style rollers were used to support secure loading of the equipment into containers.
  • To mitigate any potential damage to equipment, the machines were lashed and secured once inside the containers – as per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • A subsequent load of 100 cbms of moulds was crated and lashed during the same time period.

Delivering results

On time

  • Each machine was loaded over a four hour period with an around the clock team assembled to meet the tight deadline specified.
  • Machinery was loaded with 12 hours to spare.
  • All moulds were crated and packed safely within the 72 hour time frame.
  • All cargo was received at Jebel Ali Wharf in time to meet the nominated vessel.

On budget

  • Airland’s efficient execution ensured no cost overruns were incurred.
  • Provision of real time information (inclusive of cargo handling  requirements) provided a competitive advantage in mitigating the chance of possible cargo damage and time delays.
  • Timely delivery of cargo enabled the client to commence recommissioning in the United Kingdom as scheduled.

Beyond expectations

  • Direct accountability was maintained for cargo handling through the engagement of independent maritime surveyors to ensure quality control and mitigation of risks.
  • Continuous communication between our project team, the client and suppliers occurred to identify potential issues and define a robust loading schedule.
  • Full end-to-end cargo visibility was maintained throughout the entire project lifecycle including: real time tracking of vessel location, consolidation of daily and weekly reports, provision of comprehensive load dossier (inclusive of safe lifting points and photographs of tie down points) and independent maritime survey reports.

Airland continues to provide comprehensive logistics solutions to this client, supporting global cargo movements within tight production schedules. 

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