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Ball Mill Shells From South Africa To Egypt.

Industry: Mining & Infrastructure
Mode of Transportation: Vessel Charter
Load: Ball Mill Shells
Location: South Africa to Egypt

The challenge

Our client was contracted to manage all aspects of a major gold mine upgrade in Egypt, including engineering, procurement, construction and logistics. The upgrade included enhancement of onsite crushing capabilities requiring the importation of large ball mills from Johannesburg. Airland Logistics was appointed to provide a holistic logistics solution to support the mine’s tight production schedules.

Delivering solutions

Airland formed a dedicated project team to plan and manage the movement of 528 tonnes of ball mills from South Africa to Egypt. Leveraging our global teams we were able to utilise resources and expertise from our South African and Middle Eastern offices to deliver the following solution:

  • Two dedicated charter vessels were immediately commissioned to ship a total of 528 tonnes.
  • Special consideration was given to unique project cargo in terms of safe collection and delivery to the port some 1,800 kilometres away. Some individual items measured over 6 metres in diameter and weighed up to 105 tonnes.
  • The Airland project team met with South African transport government officials to identify a safe road route from Johannesburg to Richards Bay that could support the massive cargo weights and dimensions without damaging road and power infrastructure.
  • Upon receipt of all necessary government approvals the cargo was collected safely and delivered to the vessel in South Africa. A separate storage area portside was provided for Airland to consolidate the shells and ancillary equipment from various suppliers.
  • Independent maritime surveyors were engaged to ensure the loading and lashing of the equipment complied with client directions and existing marine insurance policies.

Delivering results

On time

  • 528 tonnes of project cargo shipped on schedule.
  • Vessel laycan deadline achieved through continuous communication and proactive coordination with suppliers and timely collection and consolidation of cargo.
  • Zero loading delays experienced through effective scheduling and consolidation of shipment components in secure portside storage.

On budget

  • Negotiation of priority loading in South Africa and unloading in Egypt ensured no demurrage costs were incurred over the two vessels.
  • Effective consolidation of suppliers ensured cargo use on the vessels was maximised driving down transportation costs.
  • Continuous provision of real time information enabled the client to effectively plan construction schedules, ensuring no downtime was experienced due to cargo delays.

Beyond expectations

  • Proactive onsite meetings between our project team, the client and suppliers to identify potential choke points ensured a clearly defined, robust transport and loading schedule was achieved.
  • Direct accountability for all phases of the transport movement was achieved by maintaining a physical presence at the suppliers premises to ensure our client had full operational control.
  • Clear visibility of all procedures undertaken by Airland Logistics ensured the client’s construction team had access to real time cargo tracking, daily supplier readiness reports, comprehensive loading dossiers defining safe lifting and lashing points, and independent marine survey reports.

Airland continues to provide comprehensive logistics solutions to this client for both construction and production phases of their business from global locations.

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