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Wheelchairs For Kids

In mid-2012, Airland responded to a desperate plea to AAMIG members to support the transportation of 160 wheelchairs donated by Wheelchairs for Kids - a charity group in Perth, to a Salvation Army hospital in Zambia.

Unable to raise the A$20k needed to pay for the required 20ft sea container, Airland quickly coordinated the speedy delivery, covering the full cost of the shipment and expediting customs clearance in Lusaka. 

Receiving the shipment on 21 September 2012, Members of the Salvation Army Headquarters in Zambia collected the much needed wheelchairs and arranged delivery to the Chikankata Mission Hospital. In a special ceremony, the village Chief, Chieftainess Mweenda provided a blessing to the children in their new chairs, along with special guests from the Zambian Salvation Army Headquarters and representatives from ZNBC ( a local news channel).

The following heartfelt response was received from Lydnsey Ledger of the Chikankata Mission Hospital in Zambia.

“On behalf of Chikankata Mission Hospital and the children who will be helped with the wheelchairs, God bless you. They are starting to be built up now and everyone is so excited. Our local Chief will come and help us to distribute the chairs to the children who so desperately need them.

You see just what you have done and how you have helped to change lives. It cannot be underestimated how amazing your support has been and I look forward to sharing the joy of the distribution of the chairs in the near future.”

The gratitude is also echoed in the following response by Lyndsey Ledger of the Chikankata Mission Hospital:

“Without the wonderful people who raised the funds and actually made the chairs, we would not have been able to see the children sit in a good position for the first time. They would not now have the freedom and opportunity that their new chair brings them and the chance to see the world from a unique position and be a part of the lives of their family and community.

Without the generosity of Airland Logistics we would never have seen these chairs or the difference that they have made as the cost of shipping proved too expensive for a rural Zambian Mission hospital. We cannot say in words how grateful we are but please know that you have been angels to these precious children and thanks to you their lives are now changed.”

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